Rules & Regulations

The Board of Directors of the Elmore Water and Sewer Authority has adopted and amended the following rules and regulations that will be observed by the Authority and its water consumers.

I. Types of Service
1. The rate schedule set forth below contemplates a single user, such as a single-family dwelling, a single farm dwelling with appurtenances, or single commercial operation.
2. Extraordinarily circumstances, such as subdivision extensions, multiple dwelling units, industrial users, apartment complexes, shall be governed by special contract agreements made by the Board of Directors.

II. Rate Schedule – Effective 7/1/2023 

See Attachment


III. Application for Service

1. The customer will application for service, in person, at the office of the Authority and at the same time make necessary payments as required.
2. Water furnished for a given lot shall be placed on that lot and used for that lot only. Each consumers service shall be separately metered at a single delivery and metering point. Double or multi-connections to one meter is prohibited.
3. All applicants must show Government Issued Identification.

IV. Charges for Standard Service

1. Each consumer subscribing to use the service of the Authority shall pay an impact fee of $200.00 times the number of connections up to two (2) serviced desired. If more than two services are desired for the same location or property then said services falls under development fees. Development impact fee is $1000.00 times number of services. This fee shall be due upon application for service. Surcharges are also required in certain circumstances. Surcharges are currently charged in the Police Jurisdiction of the City of Millbrook.

V. Minimum Charge

1. Each consumer shall pay a minimum charge as stated above.
2. Bills for water will be figured in accordance with the Authority’s rate schedule and shall be based on the amount metered for the period covered by the meter reading, except where consumers orders “turn off” less than one month after “turn on”. The minimum bill to such consumer for such period shall be equal to the minimum charge for one full month’s service.
3. Except for emergency personnel, the Authority shall not under any condition furnish water free of charge to anyone.

VI. Charges under Grants of other Government Funding

1. Each consumer subscribing to use the service of the Authority on or before the 4th day of May 2010, shall pay a connection fee determined by the Board times number of connections desired.
2. The minimum charge, as provided in the rate schedule, shall be made for each connection subscribed for above, and shall be paid for within a period of twelve months.


VII. Authority Responsibility and Liability

1. The Authority shall run a service line from its distribution line to the property line where distribution line already exists or is to be constructed, and runs immediately adjacent and parallel to property to be served. Charges will be paid by subscriber for size of meter desired.
2. The Authority may install its meter at or near the property line or, at the Authority’s discretion, on the consumer’s property within 3 feet of property line. However, most meters will be set on utility right of way.
3. The Authority reserves the right to refuse service unless the consumer’s lines or piping are installed in such a manner as to prevent cross-connections or backflow.
4. Under normal circumstances, the consumer will be notified of any anticipated interruption of service.

VIII. Consumer’s Responsibility

1. Where meter and meter box is placed on the premises of a consumer, a suitable place shall be provided by the consumer therefore, unobstructed and accessible always to the Authority.
2. A consumer will install and maintain a private cut-off valve and pressure regulator on the consumer’s side of the meter, the Authority to provide a cut-off valve on the Authority’s side of the meter. The liability of the Authority ceases at the discharge point of the meter.
3. The consumer’s piping and apparatus shall be installed and maintained by the consumer at the customer’s expense, in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with the Authority’s rules and regulations and in full compliance with the sanitary regulations of Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the Elmore County Health Department.
4. Water furnished by the Authority shall be used by the consumer and members of his/her household. The consumer shall not sell water to any other person or permit any other person to use said water. Water shall not be used for irrigation, fire protection, nor any other purposes, except when water is available in sufficient quantity so as not to interfere with regular domestic consumption in area served. Disregard for this rule shall be sufficient cause for refusal or discontinuance of service.



IX. Access to Premises

1. Duly authorized agents of the Authority shall have access to the premises of the consumer for the purpose of installing or removing Authority property, inspecting piping, reading and testing of meters, or for any other purpose in connection with the Authority’s service and facilities.
2. Extensions to the system shall be made only when the consumer shall grant or convey, or shall cause to be granted or conveyed, to the Authority a permanent deeded easement or right-of-way across any property traversed by the lines.

X. Change of Occupancy

1. Not less than three-day notice must be given in person or in writing, at the Authority office, to discontinue service or change occupancy.
2. The outgoing party shall be responsible for all water consumed up to the time of departure or the time specified for departure, whichever period is longest. Water service shall not be available to new occupant until proper application and fees are made.
3. The new applicant will apply for water service before occupying the premises. Failure to do so will make him/her liable for the water used since last meter reading.

XI. Meter Reading – Billing – Collecting

1. Meters will be read and bills rendered monthly. The Authority reserves the right to vary the dates or length of period covered, temporarily or permanently if necessary or desirable.
2. Bills for water will be figured in accordance with the Authority’s rate schedule and will be based on the amount used for the period covered by the meter reading, except where the consumer orders turn-off less that one month after turn-on, the minimum bill to such consumer for such period shall be equal to the minimum charge for one month’s service.
3. Customers subscribing for water pursuant to section VI above shall commence payment of at least a minimum bill when water is available, whether or not a water service is being used.
4. Readings from different meters will not be combined for billing.
5. Minimum bills for undeveloped properties may be combined where meters have not been installed under section VI above.
6. When paying in person, bills shall be paid at the office of the Water Authority during normal working hours.
7. Bills are due when rendered and delinquent after 20 days, a 10% penalty will automatically be added to such bills if not paid within said 20-day period.
8. Bills that are not paid within 40-day period automatically receive a $35.00-dollar delinquent fee and will be cut-off for non-payment. Notices may or may not be mailed to customers.
9. Failure to receive bills or notices shall not prevent such bills from becoming delinquent nor relieve the consumer from payment.
10. The maximum amount allowed by law will be charged on all returned items. (i.e. checks, echecks)

XII. Suspension of Services

1. When a service is discontinued for nonpayment of bills, the Authority may proceed to collect the balance in the usual way provided by the law for collection of debts.
2. Service disconnected for nonpayment of bills will be restored only after bills are paid in full and reconnect fee of $50.00 is paid.
3. The Authority reserves the right to discontinue its service without notice for the following reasons:
a. To prevent fraud or abuse
b. Consumer’s willful disregard for Authority’s rules
c. Emergency Repairs
d. Insufficient water supply due to circumstances beyond Authority’s control
e. Legal processes
f. Direction of public authorities
g. Strike, riot, fire, flood, natural disaster, accident or any act of God.
4. The Authority may, in addition to prosecution by law, permanently refuse service to any consumer who tampers with a meter or other measuring device, or any of the Authority’s facilities.

XIII. Complaints-Adjustments

1. If the customer believes his/her bill to be in error, they shall present their claim, in person, at the office of the Authority before the bill becomes delinquent. Such claim, if made after bill has become delinquent, shall not be effective in preventing discontinuance of service as heretofore provided. The customer may pay such bill under protest and said payment shall not prejudice their claim.

2. The Authority will make special meter reading at the request of a customer for a fee of $25.00, provided however, that if such special reading discloses that the meter was over-read, no charge will be made.

3. Meters will be tested at the request of the customer upon payment to the Authority of the actual cost of testing, provided however, that if the meter is found to over-register beyond three percent of correct volume, no charge will be made.

4. If the seal of a meter is broken by other than the Authority’s representative or if the meter fails to register correctly or is stopped for any cause, the customer shall pay an amount estimated from the record of previous 12 months bills and/or proper data.

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